It's Not You, It's Me: The Day I Broke Up with Gravity

Dear Gravity -We need to talk..png

I'm done.
No, like for real this time... done.

I'm not going back.
I'm not going back to the place where I spend the gross majority of my day thinking about my "food choices" or my "lifestyle change" or freaking chia seeds.
I hate chia seeds. They are gummy and weird.
And their intrinsic superfood benefits occur to me at least weekly.
Seriously, you might ask? Yes, seriously.
You know why?

Because in spite of my otherwise empowered, authentic, brave life, I am still OBSESSED with my numerical relationship with gravity.

And it's literal insanity over here.

So, I'm done.

I have no idea what life looks like after this breakup, but I want... no, I need... to write about it.
After I'm done telling my story, I want to tell your story. You've got one. I know you do. And we can give it a voice together.

But first, this.
First, we have to break up with anything that makes us forget about the stardust and the spirit and the beauty.

And then we take our first big breath in a world full of possibility.