About the Project: a gift to my baby girl


It all started with this girl....Don't the best stories always start that way?



I gave birth to this miracle.


A super selfish, child-phobic, achievement-driven 24 year-old college senior.

I didn't want children. Not that day. Not ever. But here she was, to challenge me.

To change me.

The Beautifull Project exists because of her.

It is a gift to her. A gift to all of us.

A singular place to collect our voices and demand a world that doesn't require us to shrink.

The Beautifull Project is a space for you to heal, to be filled, to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging regardless of the size of your body or the strength of your spirit. 

You belong here. You belong with us. Lend your voice to our chorus, and help us raise a world full of women who know that there is space for all of us.

One Voice. Every Body.

Welcome to The Beautifull Project! 


Alannah's Mom

(AKA - Sarah, Founder of The Beautifull Project)

About the Founder: Sarah Stevens


writer, seeker, wife, mama, giant fan of love and connection.


After leaving a decade-long career in corporate healthcare in 2016, Sarah set out to find work that better aligned with her sense of passion and purpose. She pursued work as a business consultant for start-up nonprofits and small businesses who focus on serving marginalized populations. Her work led her to a position as the inaugural Executive Director at Lead(h)er, a start up nonprofit that connects women with experienced leaders to fuel career and community engagement. In 2017, Sarah joined forces with a local coaching and consulting firm, Black Pearl Coaching, coming on board as the Director of Business Development, allowing her to expand her consulting work to include individual coaching. Finally in 2018, Sarah founded The Beautifull Project, a grassroots storytelling initiative that invites women to challenge the cultural narratives around bodies, beauty, and belonging.

When she is not serving in the consultant capacity, she is busy writing, reading, giving big love to her people, listening to podcasts, practicing yoga and leaning as hard and as far as possible into an authentic, honest life. It was this part of her life - the part that craves the real, raw pursuit of substance and spirit - that led her to create The Beautifull Project.

After a lifetime of obsessively pursuing a "fix" for her body, she has leapt at another way of living... one that has nothing to do with her numerical relationship with gravity or the size of the fabric that clothes her.

Instead, she seeks to be full, to take up space, to move in the world with as much substance as her greatness requires. The Beautifull Project is an invitation for you to do the same.

Why this matters: the manifesto

Because when you start a revolution, you better be able to tell people why it matters if they decide to fight.

Because the beautiful things belong to you. Because you were made for the magnificent.

The Manifesto of Magnificent Things-3.jpg