About the Project: a gift to my baby girl


It all started with this girlā€¦

Don't the best stories always start that way? I gave birth to this miracle.


A super selfish, child-phobic, achievement-driven 24 year-old college senior. I didn't want children. Not that day. Not ever. But here she was, to challenge me. To change me.

The Beautifull Project exists because of her. It is a gift to her. A gift to all of us. A singular place to collect our voices and demand a world that doesn't require us to shrink. The Beautifull Project is a space for you to heal, to be filled, to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging regardless of the size of your body or the strength of your spirit.

You belong here. You belong with us. Lend your voice to our chorus, and help us raise a world full of women who know that there is space for all of us.

Welcome to The Beautifull Project!


Alannah's Mom

(AKA - Sarah, Founder of The Beautifull Project)