Every woman has a story

Most have a multitude

They hold on to tales of judgments about body, about beauty, about taking up too much space in the world.

But what if there were another voice, one that told a different tale?

What if there was enough space to hold the stories that fill her

The stories that nourish her,  that invite her to move through the world with as much power and weight as her greatness requires?



The Beautifull Project is that space


A Letter from the Founder:

Dear Beauties. -

I can't wait to show you all the things I've been making for you.
But first... a story.

I have a thin friend. Well, technically, I have more than one, but only one of them is in this story.This friend had asked me to lunch and prefaced our meeting by telling me that she really wanted to talk about The Project. This friend is petite and stunning in all of  the classically beautiful ways that women have been deemed stunning for most of modern history.  She is representative of the kind of woman who I thought would be the last person in the world to find The Beautifull Project appealing.

Why, you ask? Well, because bias is a sneaky mo fo.
And my lens is clouded by a lifetime of fat girl experiences.
And I desperately needed that petite little truth-ninja of a lunch date to set me straight.
Which is what she did.

She started by asking me if I watch "This is Us", to which I responded, "Well, duh".
She asked if I was familiar with the annoying girl in the Overeaters Anonymous group, the one who weighs about 100 pounds and talks about her wrists getting fat. 
I don't know a single fat woman who DOESN'T know that character, as she is our sworn nemesis. (yes, all the fat women got together and voted. Madison, from This is Us, is our official arch-enemy)

And then my friend says, "Well, I'm that girl I'm just like Madison. I don't look like I would have a story about my body and I almost feel like I don't have a right to have a story, but I do have one. 

This petite truth-ninja proceeded to trust me with some searingly painful parts of her life. I'll only share one here, something I'm doing with her permission... Read More




 Ordinary women telling Extraordinary truth

about bodies, about beauty, about belonging.


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Because you have discovered what it means to belong to yourself with substance and strength.

Because you believe that you have a right to take up all the space your greatness requires.

Because you know that our collective stories can heal us collectively.

You are what makes The Beautifull Project so beautiful.