Beauti: The Joni Interview

“The only thing more frightening than living with your abuser is leaving them.”


“I look back at that now and realize that through this deep manipulation, I actually learned how strong I am. And going through all of that - the alchemy in all of this - is realizing what I’m capable of. It’s a hell of a way to find out.. But I am really intelligent, I am really strong. I’m really powerful.”

++ Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence ++

In this episode, we sat down with Joni, a survivor of domestic violence who is committed to understanding the patterns from her past in order to find healing in her present. She is a gifted storyteller who expertly weaves the details of her lived experience into a story line that is recognizable to anyone who has suffered and survived a toxic relationship. 

Joni has done the work to move through her past and offers the audience the hope that comes from healing. She is brave and articulate and full of passion and purpose.

Sarah Stevens