Your Brain is Bad Ass: A Little Healing with Nicole

“Trauma changes you.”

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We've spent a year and a half bringing you the voices of women who demonstrate strength and resilience. We have invited you to open yourself in the same way. But until this podcast, we never offered you any tools to help you put yourself back together after we invite you to let yourself fall apart.


Today's pod is the first of many full of tips and tricks from our very own beauty, Nicole. Nicole is one of the people who helps us create at The Beautifull Project. She is also a trained therapist, an artist, and a brilliant woman. She shares tactics you can apply to every area of your life.. from a major traumatic event to the stressful meeting with your boss (which can feel like a major, traumatic event to be sure)... that will allow you to engage that bad ass brain and move yourself down the path of healing.

Sarah Stevens