Beauti: The Stephanie Interview

Whole and Wholehearted

“While seeking can be a thrilling adventure, sometimes it just means you’re running away from yourself.”


+Trigger warning+ Eating Disorder, Depression

In this episode, we welcomed Stephanie to the mic. Stephanie is a survivor of an eating disorder and an advocate for other survivors. She has spent most of her life looking for healing… not just for the eating disorder, but to find a deeper understanding of herself, of all of the things that seemed to ail her. In this interview, she talks about belonging, about the ways she searched for healing outside of her, and about how much power she’s found having arrived at a place that gives her permission to love herself.

Stephanie is whole and wholehearted, and she wants to tell you how she got there.

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Beauti: The Interviews

Resources for Survivors:

Local Resources -

Unity Point

Amy's Gift

Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa

National Resources - 

National Eating Disorder Association

ANAD (National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders)

The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness

Sarah Stevens