Beauti: The Delia Interview

Most of us do have an unwavering willingness and ability to bounce back.

And even if you're in that place in your life where you haven't bounced back yet...

It's coming.



It's coming because I've been through it. I've seen failure where I fell so hard, I had to tuck and roll. And I didn't know if I was going to get back up. I really didn't. I was in a place where I had lost my identity, my joy, my brainpower, my confidence... like it was GONE.

And I was like, "This is it for me. I've peaked. I'm done. Now I'm destined to be mediocre in my own book." I'm not looking to what other people think of me at this point. I'm thinking about myself. I expect more from myself and I just can't get there. Ironically enough, it took other women around me to say, "Get off your ass. Get your life together. Try this thing over here. And do the thing you love." 

And let me tell you, it's amazing how quickly your life can change when you decide that you are worthy. And that's what I've done... because I've taken my failures and I now use them as tools.


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Sarah Stevens