Give it a Rest

I should be going for a walk, meditating, using that gym membership.

I should be picking up the toys, doing the laundry, meal prepping, planting flowers.

I should be writing thank yous, sending birthday cards, paying bills.

I should be packing boxes, researching for vacation, finishing homework.

I should be playing with the kids, planning a baby shower, visiting loved ones, enjoying the sunshine.

I should be working.

I should be finding my purpose in life, figuring out what I want to do. I should be living it fully, creating a self-sustaining business around it that overflows my cup.

I should be keeping up.

That one’s my personal favorite.

And I’m calling bullshit on all of it.

Give it a rest.

Literally, lady - please, take a rest.

Stop the hustle, settle in and prepare yourself to let it all come to you.

About 2 years post-baby I went to see a holistic nutritionist because my body just never felt quite right. I was always off and wasn’t interested in starting one more WeightWatchers campaign to “fix” it. This time, I wanted to actually listen to my body.

Do you know what that woman told me? It went something like this:

“I’d really love to help you, and there is absolutely nothing that will work until you decide to honor your body’s need for sleep and get more rest. We can throw exercise and intention and food changes at your body all you want. Without the rest, though, we are both wasting our time.”

I left there appreciative of her honesty and mad as a hornet.

I didn’t need sleep, I needed to change who I was and how I felt. How dare she tell me I could not do it on sheer willpower alone. After all, every other woman I know works her ass off, cares for others and manages on little-to-no sleep.

It’s what we’re meant to do, right?

I would prove her wrong.

It turned out, I was wrong. Incredibly wrong, in fact, and now almost a year later, I’m still working to master that one challenge she gave me. But there is progress, and I’m listening.

I see you wanting to do it all too, friend. I see you overcommitting and underdelivering for yourself. I see you prioritizing the things to do and the people to care for, and I see you putting your own need to fill up aside.

Self-care is amazing, and by all means, take care of yourself in the best way you know how - I have a handful of favorites myself.

But as summer kicks off, the days get longer and the additional responsibilities add up, let us not forget that sometimes the greatest way we can care for ourselves is simply taking a day - or even just an hour - of rest.

So here is your permission, lady.

In case you’re the one who’s scrolling against the Instagram feeds of the female “hustlers” making it all magic. In case you’re the one who’s secretly jealous of the 2-year-old napping in the other room. In case you’re the one who has a list of shoulds a mile long today.

Give it a rest.

Let them hustle and snuggle in.

There is nothing more important on that list today than you.

kate j