Your Season is Changing

Art By The Beautifull Project Art Director Nicole Cisne-Durbin

Art By The Beautifull Project Art Director Nicole Cisne-Durbin

We sat in a darkening room, snuggled in our blankets and coats. We were catching up on life/project status at our recent team meeting and were almost an hour in, when Jess said it: “Normally, I’m all in for snow and own this Midwest life, but I’m so over winter. I’m so over this darkness.” A collective groan filled the emptiness.

As it turns out, this winter we’ve each been hibernating - some doing hard work within our caves, some doing hard work for others and waiting - yet, in that moment, we realized we were all in the same season of winter.

We lost an hour on the clocks today, and while daylight savings time often throws the children off their sleep cycles, it also shifts that one precious item that always feels so scarce: TIME.

We also gained something … light.

It’s easy in the darkness to forget the light was always there. It’s easy to get caught up in the glow arriving on someone else’s calendar, schedule or terms. To wait patiently, then impatiently, when the light doesn’t shine in the way we expected.

Today marks your new season, lady. Own that light. Step into it. Let it shine from within and upon you, leveling you when you feel unsteady.

Your eyes and heart may take some adjusting – don’t let that convince you that you aren’t ready for spring.

Be patient with yourself, settle in and let the warmth of your incredible light make you full.

kate j