Strong Legs, Round Tummies, Rosy Cheeks: My Flawless Creation

by Emily Shenk-DeMay

To my Beautifull Baby Girl -

 You are truly a miracle. A precious gift. A rainbow that came to me and your daddy in the midst of the valley.

A hope to a new beginning.


You are such a light into the world. Your love is unconditional, and so freely given that it oozes out of you in every hug, every kiss, every statement of “I love you so much”. This unwavering love and innocence causes my heart to flood with overwhelming joy, but also brings out an acute awareness in me that I would do anything to protect that beautiful heart. It pains me to think of anyone or anything making you feel less than, unworthy, not good enough, not…skinny enough.

I see you as perfection. I see those beautiful, big strong legs. That precious, kissable round tummy.


Those round, rosy red cheeks with dimples that reflect the smile of your mommy. That chin which projects out just enough to give the signature profile of your Grandma. And those eyes. Those incredible, big, blue eyes. Oh, how I want the world to see what I see! A flawless creation. Yet as a woman that has gone through stages of feeling less than, unworthy, not good enough and not skinny enough, I know that the world will see what it wants to see. As you grow, the world may see those beautiful big strong legs as not thin enough, that kissable round tummy as not flat enough, those round, rosy red cheeks as not sunken in enough, and yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, and the incessant beat goes on until you find yourself comparing, wishing, obsessing and longing to be part of what “should” be.

My girl, let me tell you, what time is wasted on what “should” be! What is missed out on because of what “should” be! What is broken because of what “should” be.

When I look back at all of the times that I let the world define me into what “should” have been, they are defining moments of missed opportunities, broken relationships, and outright stupidity. Have I reached a point of absolute acceptance and balance? Not at all! However, I have learned that it is not the world that defines me but rather what I do to make a difference in this world that does define me.

I have surrounded myself with strong woman that accept me for who I am. I married someone who loves every inch of me (including my big legs, and behind).

And above all, I am rooted in the faith of my God, who adores me for exactly how I was created to be. 

Remember, you have the freedom to be who you want to be, and whatever you become will always, always, be good enough. You have the power to create a new normal full of crazy hair and singing loud and proud. How I love that unbridled spirit!


You are strong. You are fearless. You are beautiful.

I love you so very much.



Sarah Stevens