Meet Sarah- Writer, Seeker, Wife, Mama

Sarah Stevens, Founder and Creative Director

After leaving a career in corporate healthcare in 2016, Sarah set out to find work that better aligned with her passion and purpose. She served as a consultant to small businesses and nonprofits until she accepted a position as the inaugural Executive Director with Lead(h)er, a nonprofit that connects women with mentors to fuel career and community engagement.

In 2018, Sarah created The Beautifull Project, a storytelling collective that invites women to challenge body and beauty expectations in order to create a world where women are free to move with substance and strength.

When Sarah is not thinking up big ideas for The Project, she is writing, reading, teaching yoga, and leaning as far as possible into an honest, authentic life. She lends her voice to this chorus of courage as podcast host and Creative Director for The Project.

You can follow her @seeing_sarah