Meet Jess- Wife, mama, Storyteller, Light chaser

Jessica Sheridan, Image and Visual Branding

Jess is a professional storyteller. A family girl. A coffee addict, Netflix binge artist, lover of tacos, sunlight, rain and adventure. She believes in trying to make a difference. She believes in love. She has a degree in theatre which stems her passion for storytelling. While she’s not taking the stage much these days, she does keep theatre a huge part of her life as a teacher. When she teaches kids theatre, she is teaching them to speak clearly, confidently and creatively and it brings her so much joy to see young kids truly find themselves on the stage. Jessica owns and operates Shared Light Photographer where she focuses on families and telling their stories. Jess thinks the world needs more connection and uses The Beautifull Project to connect souls to one another. She lends her voice to this chorus of courage as a Creator and Photographer for The Project.

You can find her work here and follow her at @jessicasheridan