A Letter from the Founder: All the Bodies Belong

Hello, Beauties!

I can't wait to show you the new things I've been making for you!
But first... a story.

I have a thin friend. Well, technically, I have more than one, but only one of them is in this story. This friend had asked me to lunch and prefaced our meeting by telling me that she really wanted to talk about The Project. This friend is petite and stunning in all of  the classically beautiful ways that women have been deemed stunning for most of modern history.  She is representative of the kind of woman who I thought would be the last person in the world to find The Beautifull Project appealing.

Why, you ask? Well, because bias is a sneaky mo fo.
And my lens is clouded by a lifetime of fat girl experiences.

And I desperately needed that petite little truth-ninja of a lunch date to set me straight.
Which is what she did.



She started by asking me if I watch "This is Us", to which I responded, "Well, duh".
She asked if I was familiar with the annoying girl in the Overeaters Anonymous group, the one who weighs about 100 pounds and talks about her wrists getting fat. 
I don't know a single fat woman who DOESN'T know that character, as she is our sworn nemesis. (yes, all the fat women got together and voted. Madison, from This is Us, is our official arch-enemy)

And then my friend says, "Well, I'm that girl I'm just like Madison. I don't look like I would have a story about my body and I almost feel like I don't have a right to have a story, but I do have one. 

This petite truth-ninja proceeded to trust me with some searingly painful parts of her life. I'll only share one here, something I'm doing with her permission.


After the birth of her child, her mom came for a visit. She ADORES her mama. Always has, always will. And her mama loves her back. She's spent her whole life wanting to be more like the woman who gave birth to her, and looks forward to any time they can spend together. Her mom suggested that they take the new baby out for some shopping, so off they go to Target. Her mom promptly led her to the lingerie section and my friend was super excited to see what mom wanted to buy for her.
New underwear?
Maybe a decent bra?
Super comfy pajamas? 
It was none of these things. Her mom took her to the girdles, picked one out and told her to go home and put it on because it would help her stomach go back to normal.
Slightly sad, my friend went home and put on the girdle because, well, she just wanted to be like her mom. Because we belong to our moms and this is just what we do. 
She told me how she remembered taking the tags off the girdle, crying, and pulling this undergarment over her still-swollen postpartum belly. And then she said something that made me shed tears in my delightful curry dish.
She said, "All I remember now is how much it hurt my insides."

It hurt my insides.

Well, yes, my petite friend. You do have a story. In fact, we have the same story, told through different lenses because I know EXACTLY what it feels like to do something to your body that hurts your insides.

So, super long story to illustrate one point.

The Beautifull Project is a space for ALL OF THE BODIES.
Even the petite, stunning ones because they have stories, too.

So, forward this to your friend, the one you think doesn't need it.. You never know what she's wearing underneath all of the things you see on the outside. And we all deserve an invitation to be full.


Founder | Creative Director
The Beautifull Project

Sarah Stevens